On June 26, sa国际传媒/Central Okanagan RCMP received a report of fraud from a local resident.

The elaborate scheme began when the victim received an alert text message from a popular online retailer alleging they had several open accounts currently being investigated for fraud.

The message stated to contact the retailer by phone where they spoke with an individual posing as a security agent for the same company.

The victim was instructed to contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Unit to resolve the issue and was automatically transferred to another individual over the phone posing as an employee with the Canadian Anti-Fraud Unit.

In order to resolve the issue, the victim was directed to immediately withdrawal $4,800 in cash and deposit it into a 鈥渧erification machine鈥 which also happened to be a bitcoin terminal.

The victim became suspicious and stated they were going to phone the police to verify these allegations when the alleged employee hung up.

The victim received a phone call shortly after from the sa国际传媒 RCMPsa国际传媒 non-emergency number 250-762-3300 where an individual posed as a police officer providing a fake name and badge number. The individual impersonating a police officer convinced the victim to make the deposit adding there was a warrant for their arrest and this was the only recourse to avoid being arrested.

The victim later contacted the sa国际传媒 RCMP themselves and confirmed this was in fact a scam after learning there was no such officer by that name and that their money was presumably gone.

鈥淔raud is one of our Crime Severity Index (CSI) drivers and itsa国际传媒 our responsibility to educate and help our community recognize the signs,鈥 said Cpl. Michael Gauthier from the sa国际传媒 RCMP detachment.

鈥淎nyone being directed to withdrawal and deposit money into a bitcoin terminal, purchase i-Tunes gift cards or any other similar type of currency, should immediately assume this is a fraud and contact the RCMP themselves to verify.鈥

For further information on the most recent scams and frauds visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.