Westside Daze finally offering beverage garden

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The weather forecast for the weekend continues to be hot and sunny. For the first time in decades, thirsty patrons 19 years and over will be able to sit down and enjoy a cold beer or cooler in the evening at Westside Daze. The annual festival runs Friday to Sunday at West sa国际传媒sa国际传媒 Memorial Park.

According to a newspaper article in the Westbank Museum archives, the first Westside Daze was held in 1981.

A longtime Westside Daze volunteer has never seen a beverage garden at the


Although the festival itself hasn鈥檛 had a beverage garden, in its early days, the DuPort Neighbourhood Pub sponsored the Westside Willie competition.

The Kinsmen used to have a beer garden at a ball tournament held during Westside Daze at the ball park in Shannon Lake.

For decades, the board of volunteers at the Westside Celebration Society, the group of volunteers that produce Westside Daze, has adamantly resisted the idea of a beverage garden, saying it didn鈥檛 fit with the festivalsa国际传媒 mandate of family fun.

鈥淒on鈥檛 kid yourself,鈥 said Tina Bisson, who became the societysa国际传媒 president this year. 鈥淧eople are up in the stands with their cupfuls of wine. Everyonesa国际传媒 drinking.鈥

Bisson, who has been suggesting a beverage garden for a couple of years, believes a professional and efficient beverage garden does have a place at Westside Daze.

鈥淚tsa国际传媒 time to evolve,鈥 she said.

The beverage garden will be a fenced area restricted to those 19 and over next to the Westside Daze stage, so those who stop in for a cold one will be able to see and hear the entertainment.

In June, Bisson went to Summerlandsa国际传媒 Action Fest, a three-day event similar to Westside Daze, to learn how they operate their beverage garden.

The Westside Daze beverage garden will be a joint effort with the Kinsmen Club of Summerland, who organize and run the one at Action Fest.

Westside Daze will provide volunteers with Serving it Right and have hired security, while the Kinsmen will be providing fencing, the cooler trailer and tables.

The Kinsmen told Bisson local RCMP like the idea of a beverage garden because those who are drinking are contained to one area where people can keep an eye on them.

鈥淚f someonesa国际传媒 really intoxicated, itsa国际传媒 illegal to serve them another drink,鈥 said Bisson.

The beverage garden will be open during the evening entertainment - Friday from 6 to 10 p.m. and Saturday from 6 p.m. until after the drone show set for 10:30 p.m.

Westside Daze will get a cut of the profits from the beverage garden, which can be put back into the festival for things such as the kids fair.

鈥淚 think itsa国际传媒 going to be great,鈥 said Bisson.