Almost 700 acres of land in the McKinley area of sa国际传媒 are听being eyed for approximately 2,000 new homes. If ultimately approved by city council, the proposed neighbourhood would rival the Upper Mission in size, city planners say.听

A proposed new development on 670 acres in the McKinley area of sa国际传媒 is 鈥渕isaligned鈥 with the citysa国际传媒 official community plan in many ways, city staff say.

New suburban neighbourhoods are officially discouraged, the area is far from transit and existing urban centres, and such developments don鈥檛 support initiatives to address climate change, municipal planners say.听

They give the massive 2,000-home development proposal a low score on eight of 10 indicators used in the official community plan to assess new housing projects.

鈥淭ransportation is expected to be challenging for this area, much like it is for the Upper Mission, which represents a similar scale to the proposed development,鈥 Nola Kilmartin, a city planner, writes in a report going to council.

There is some merit to the proposal under the OCP metrics intended to preserve agricultural lands and offer a greater diversity of housing in sa国际传媒, Kilmartin says.听

The proposal is at an early stage, with relatively little work having been done on a broad range of technical details.听

The issue before councillors on Monday is whether they are interested in seeing such work be done, recognizing that such a costly and time-consuming process offers no guarantee to the developer that the project would end up winning approval.听

For its part, the developer makes several arguments in support of building new homes on the McKinley lands. Allowing the homes would enable more people to live closer to the job-rich areas around UBC Okanagan, the airport, and industrial park, the company says.听

In the past five years, they say, the area has absorbed 68 per cent of the citysa国际传媒 new industrial development and 28 per cent of its commercial development but only seven per cent of all new homes.听

鈥淭his has resulted in an emerging and increasing housing gap in sa国际传媒sa国际传媒 north,鈥 the landowners write in a submission to the city.听

The landowners hope to eventually win city permission to build on the nearly 700 acres now contained within the McKinley Urban Reserve. These properties are currently designated as a mix of rural, agricultural, and natural areas.听

鈥淥wing to its location, scale, and available servicing, the McKinley Urban Reserve lands are well-positioned to lead smart community growth in the citysa国际传媒 north end,鈥 the application states.听