Huge race, huge payout at Penticton Speedway this weekend

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Stock car enthusiasts from across the Okanagan 鈥 and even further 鈥 are expected to fill the stands this weekend for the 鈥渂iggest event of the summer鈥 at Penticton Speedway.

The highlight of the weekend will be the Western Rattler 300 event, which will offer $45,000 in purse money, making it the biggest event of its kind in stock car racing in British Columbia in 2024, said Trevor Siebert, who has been the owner of Penticton Speedway for over three years.

鈥淭he Western Rattler 300 is our biggest event and our biggest payout of the year,鈥 said Siebert. 鈥淚tsa国际传媒 actually one of the biggest payout events in all of Canada with more than $45,000 in prize money up for grabs.

鈥淭ypically, itsa国际传媒 one of, it not our premier events of the year for sure, so we鈥檙e all pretty excited about it.鈥

The Western Rattler 300 will feature three different styles of late model stock cars and there are modifications allowed to balance out the power of the engine between classes, he said.

鈥淥ur most popular cars will be whatsa国际传媒 called the pro late model, along with super lates, which are basically the same car, but super lates typically run with a regular open motor,鈥 he said. 鈥淭hey run with a lot more horsepower, while the pro lates run a crate engine. What we do is we put a restricter plate on the super lates to cut down the horsepower advantage just a little.鈥

Siebert is hoping for between 15 and 20 stock cars to participate in the Western Rattler 300.

鈥淲e鈥檙e down car count just a little because the economy still isn鈥檛 perfect and everybodysa国际传媒 struggling a little across Canada. We鈥檙e expected at least 16 cars at this point, but we might get a few more before all is said and done.鈥

The popular street stock class will also be running Friday and Saturday night to round out what promises to be a hectic weekend of top-notch racing, he said.

Friday nightsa国际传媒 events include numerous street stock races, along with qualifying for the Western Rattler 300, which is expected to get started around dinner time on Saturday evening.

鈥淭here will be 100-lap features in the street stocks on both nights,鈥 he said. 鈥淥n Friday night, you鈥檒l see the late and super lates running laps and warming up in between the street stock races all night.鈥

To add to the entertainment, Siebert said there will be numerous food trucks and a live concert by a local country-rock band late Saturday afternoon to allow patrons to gear up for the big race.

An event a couple of weekends ago attracted more than 2,500 fans, which was a pleasant surprise, and hesa国际传媒 hoping there will be even bigger crowds Friday and Saturday night, said Siebert.

Gates open at 4:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

鈥淲e鈥檙e hoping most people coming out will want to be there both nights,鈥 he said.

The winner of the Western Rattler 300 will pick up a cool $10,000, said Siebert.

To add a little more excitement, the winner of qualifying for the Rattler 300 Friday night will be given the option of starting the big race in last place. If he manages to come back and beat everyone and take top spot, he鈥檒l pick up an additional $1,500, he said.

鈥淭hought we鈥檇 throw it out there to make things a little exciting,鈥 he said. 鈥淚f the guy on the pole, accepts the challenge, and starts from the back and goes on to win, hesa国际传媒 going to take home even more cash.鈥

With Mother Nature looking like she will co-operate, Siebert is hoping race fans of all ages will take in the weekend action.

Race fans will also be able to meet and greet the drivers Saturday before the big race.